Real Estate Website Integration

Do you have an existing website? If so, MantisProperty will easily integrate with your website.

We have 3 distinct ways you can integrate with your website


The Iframes method allows you to have a fully functional property search system and listings within your site all managed through your MantisProperty account

By simply inserting the relevant links into your existing website, you will be able to enable your visitors to search for properties, view listings and make enquiries.

The following features can be enabled on your website through our easy to use website integration module:

  • Full search facility allowing searching by map and/or by criteria.
  • Photo gallery and slideshow.
  • Printable / Downloadable brochures.
  • Fill out expression of interest form (which is then automatically emailed to you).
  • Automated Google location maps.
  • You will also be able to mark a property as sold or under contract (or leased if a rental). This will then move the property to the relevant section of the database and the public website. You can also mark listings as 'archived' to hide them from the public site but still have access to them to relist or just for information purposes.
  • Open for inspection dates/times are shown and can be searched on

XML based API

We have a fully programmable API that you can connect to so you can have control over how you want things to look and feel on your website. The API gives you real time access to your listing data, photos, etc. and you can do things such as send a query of certain criteria to receive the data for the relevant listings.

This is our most popular method but it does require someone with experience in using XML based API’s to program the functionality on your website


The third option we have is we can send REAXML feeds directly to your site to then be processed by your site. We have a number of agents using Wordpress and the Feedburner module to allow accepting the feeds and processing them to display on the site. If your website is built in Wordpress then this is definitely the easiest solution to use and also gives you fine control over how your listings are shown.

All these options are available at no extra charge and full support is provided to assist you integrating MantisProperty with your website

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